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Sundays blazing performance

After a long and lengthy recovery from a mysterious virus, Nick has shown us all what successful Doddering is all about. Spurred on by his Lucky ‘Leeds RFU no. 7 scrum-half away shirt’  (sadly not a Dodderers one) Nick sped to an all time record of 7 –  yes SEVEN tries in the Sunday league!

Congratulations to Nick on his entry into the Hall of Flame…

Nick at Doddering Bowl 2008

Nick at Doddering Bowl 2008

Nick seen here celebrating after being on last summers winning side in the Doddering Bowl was surprised at his own performance on the pitch. 
In a post match interview, Nick put his success down to a reduction in Lager intake the night before, down from the usual Nine to Seven. So its seven all round for the lucky Nick.
Buy a lottery ticket Nick before its too late – suggest anything with a 7 in it  7, 17, 27, 37,47 and maybe a 9 for the Lagers you would have drunk, or a 2 for the two you didn’t drink.


Tim yet again is really upping his game and at some times during Sundays proceedings found himself being marked by up to three players as his turn of pace and ability to catch the long pass (whilst being in an overlap situation) meant that the opposition had to make sure he was closed down.

Last but not least is the mention of Postman Pats’ scything run past your hapless Captain who at that moment must have been thinking about food or sleep or something else, as he was powerless to do anything about Pats turn of speed.

Roll on next week….


A doner kebab might be healthy after all!

The doner is a post-pub favourite – grease and salt being the main food groups craved by the squiffy. Yet it also offers vegetables, protein and carbohydrates. Is the pitta pocket a wise dietary choice?

Full article from the BBC…

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Spot the Ball Competition

January 21, 2009 6 comments

In this Boxing Day doddering match the ball has been erased.
There will be a prize of a Bottle of Wine from the Captains Cellar  to the first Dodderer to add a comment to the blog with the correct answer..


The ball is actually in two of the squares. You need to provide the X and Y coordinates for each half of the ball e.g. (X,Y) (10,10)&(10,11). Click on the picture for a bigger version. Multiple entries allowed per user subject to the Captains Fair Use Policy.

05-Feb-2008: I have heard a variety of sneaky methods to try to solve this even including  a type of spacial frequency domain analysis, but alas no Winners.

Special Mention to Chris who had the nearest guess by far….

…here’s the answer for the interested…


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Great play today in difficult conditions

January 18, 2009 3 comments

After consulting with the Met Office yesterday to check on the prevailing weather conditions your Captain was heartened by the “Good Weather Window” we were forecast.
On arrival this morning the pitch was definitely wet and fairly muddy, and indeed we had the good weather that was forecast altough when we left the Magpies the pitch was definitely much muddier…

As we trudged through the mud ready to coax our bodies into life – our  team iinstinctively selected the highest and driest ground for our kick-off in this weeks four team league.

Fridge Door Left Open
Following the kickoff your Captain was immediately blessed with the best ‘dummy’ on Fridge resulting in a try. Seconds later another chance to dodge the open-doored Fridge to score another try. Sadly it was mostly downhill after that as fitness could not keep up…

Great to see Jenks again…but somebody should have stopped him playing alongside Tom, or Tom should have offered him even more drink last night!

Anchor Butter Award
Dan – The Ferret; is still looking a strong contender for the award – and there is a good chance he could wrestle the title from Kiwi (who probably didn’t deserve it last year, but didn’t perform on the night). Towards the end of the game the ball started to resemble a really gritty soap bar and was therefore really tough to catch so allowances will be made.

 Once again Tim who in his return to blistering form managed to scythe through the lines and score a great one man try. Tim is really showing us all what we could be capable of in another ten or twenty  years. I hope we can all live up to it. Keep it up Tim!

Has anyone noticed that Nigels form has increased significantly later? – not only is he leaner , fitter and faster but his increased performance has resulted in less lip too. Nice One Nigel!
Sadly though word has trickled through that there may be one or two ‘illegal’ off pitch training sessions at the local gym so once again we may have to consider the handicapping scheme we have talked about before.

Postman Pat made a perfect long pass today through The Ferrets upturned arms (resembling a goal post), also perfectly received by Foz who was waiting to score a try on the wing. Given that the ball was a bar of soap and the distance was long this probably deserves an award of its own. Shame the camera wasn’t there.

Looking forward to next week already!

Weather or not ?

Your Captain alarmed at the current weather conditions outside has been on to the Met office. 

They have advised as follows for the Magpies tomorrow morning:-









Although things are not too good at 6am – by Doddering Kick-off  its looking much better. So with very good visibility and above Zero temperatures forcasted we’re set for a great match.

See you there!

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Captains Prize for the most Blog mentions

January 15, 2009 2 comments

See how you rate for Captains mentions with the new Tag Cloud in the Sidebar.
Bigger = More

A Captains Prize at the end of the year for the most mentions on the Blog.

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First Four Team League of 2009

January 11, 2009 1 comment

Hurray! – Great to have enough Dodderers this week for the full four team league. Your Captain likes to have some more space on the pitch as he cannot dodge even a slow moving Steam Roller Fridge.
Nick scored a well deserved Hatric with some deft slickness. Foz scored some real blinders (someone on the defence obviously had their eyes closed) and some great steals. Tim (the oldest Dodderer in the village) also deserves mention for his great tries and receiving of long passes.
Your Captain was also able to score a few tries with a couple of great steals and some lucky ‘ball handling’ knock-ons; nice to report back at home that attempts were not in vain.

As ever; Tom, Dick and Dave were full of energy, and scored tries too numerous to mention. The Dodderers management team are thinking of some sort of Handicapping system – probably along similar lines to Horse racing with lead weights….

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