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All that glitters is not golden

This weeks Doddering had one obstacle that most Dodderers managed to overcome. In fact in these technological times its a wonder that putting the clocks forward or backward at certain times of the year still requires user intervention. This year is no different and the clocks went forward an hour.Those that managed to get it wrong arrived late by one hour – almost in time to go home again.

Timmy, Dick & George deserve a special mention for inexactitude, although Dick was actually 10mins early for the supposed kickoff – so deserves praise for his enthusiastic almost early arrival .

Spring Forward and Fall Back is the mnemonic often handed out to help us remember which way the clocks should be adjusted. Actually on a second look it could also serve as a reminder to how we should aim to play our rugby with vigor and catching the ball whilst running forward and then falling back in support.

As we were down on numbers we settled down to a big game and a rather poorly chosen team that had all the good players in one team and the less good in another. (this was a comment from a fellow Dodderer – see later).
Your Captain was self appointed into the good players team – although this was obviously a mistake.

Great tries from Tom, Jenks, Nick, Tim, Jordan & Nat.
Off to a good start the good players team scored a few ‘individual’ tries and surged ahead; but what happened overall was a surprise. The other team won!
Postman Pat had it succinctly (he was on the less good team) “just because you have all the good players doesn’t mean you can gel” – he was indeed right. Our team was a team of individuals not a finely crafted team full of group ambition. After all Rugby is a team game and it is the team performance that matters.

For those that were late many of us stayed on until almost Ten O’clock and continued to play until we had a thouroughly good runout.

One Dodderer (who shall remain nameless) had a complete ‘flame out’ and left early at the injustice of it all. (Please come back next week)
All you Captain can say apart from “it’s a team game” is  – All that glitters is not golden….

P.S. Yesterday was at the Shakespeare exhibition in Stratford (trying to look intelligent) and now know that this expression comes from the Merchant of Venice. Just thought you might like to know that!


Dodderers Captain wins Fantasy Rugby

March 23, 2009 1 comment

Those of you who were paying attention to the emails from Simo before the Six Nations may have entered the Fantasy Rugby competition…

The final standings are:-fantasy-rugby-results

All your Captain has to say is his theoretical grasp of Statistics and slight OCD contributed significantly to his success. In no way can any Dodderer expect to see improved performance on the pitch or a heightened grasp of the rules and players involved.

All winnings (if received)  to be donated to the Dodderers Hardship Fund!

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Bombay Bowl Showdown


Every year on the Sunday following the Calcutta Cup (England vs. Scotland) the Dodderers have their very own version created by our President Foz….

 …The Bombay Bowl



It was a lovely Spring morning, warm, sunny with almost no wind. Actually there was too much Sun (depending which way your team was playing) and plenty of Ozone Harming wind generated by fellow Dodderers. Perhaps we should calculate our Carbon Footprint?

We settled down to a big game of England vs. Scotland (the rematch) following |Englands’ trouncing of the poor old Scots in the Calcutta Cup. Eventually as the ever-so-late Dodderers arrived we split up into four teams as some Dodderers felt they were not seeing enough ball to justify their attendance. All your Captain can say is “Team Game”

Do you know that Sun brings out the most lip in some Dodderers? Your Captain thinks that it may be a form of heat exhaustion caused by sun and exercise that inhibits the executive function of the pre-frontal cortex. Result…more lip…

Back to the Bombay Bowl …

General fitness has been impacted in the last few months….many fellow Dodderers (including your Captain) were puffing like Steam Trains and suffering long lapses of attention and general lack of dynamism. Chris has a theory…He’s never been able to separate thought from action…something your Captain managed long ago…so your Captains’ thinking about running , not actually doing it…

One team stood out (Tom, Tim, Timmy, and George) for their seemingly boundless energy and general athleticism, great play, and general all round effort….

The winners of the Bombay Bowl were indeed Tom, Tim, Timmy, and George who were very deserved of the accolade as presented by Our President Foz. Timmy must have thought it was Formula One as he sprayed the champers around….

Due to general fitness concerns from the Club Doctor…the usual suspention of mid-week training is lifted.

See you all next week!

Gone Fishing…

March 23, 2009 1 comment

Your Captain knows that he can never live up to Tims’  (‘the oldest Dodderer’) performance on the pitch when he is Tims’ age…actually maybe he can’t now…

…so your Captain has decided to take up a more leisurely sport with plenty of time to think, far less adrenaline to fog the already foggy early morning brain; and best of all the prospect of eating the results…unlike this week when Fridge inadvertently made your Captain ‘Eat the ball’ with a perfectly placed pass to the face!

Full of  J.R.Hartley thoughts of a bygone age and the prospect of neatly tying a fly, flicking it around a bit and catching a whopping great big Trout or Salmon, your Captain has entered the age of slippers and a pipe in style….

…it wasn’t all plain sailing though ( if anybody needs an update on Plain Sailing see Treasurer – Nigel) for his first outing your Captain purchased a Super-Duper-Space-Age-Techno-Rod which promised to make a Professional out of even the most laid back amateur.  In his first outing to a local fishery your Captain managed to break his Rod twice! OK so back to maybe 90s’ technology….

After settling down to cast and tangling the line…. yes your Captain caught something …the net, and his jacket, and the trees, and the tall grass, and the bench, and the net again. So now I have 5 less flies and 20ft less leader line. Err..Why is your Captain missing Rugby for this?

…Eventually after a few hours … hurray caught a Trout 3.5lb , and another 3lb…but now running low on flies, seems to be a ratio of 5 flies  to one Trout.

So what’s your Captain trying to say here….?

Fishing’s way more complicated than getting up early on a Sunday, throwing the ball around with fellow Dodderers, and nothing quite matches scoring a try!  – though the Trout … taste way nicer than the Ball!

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