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Treasurers’ new nickname adopted!

April 28, 2009 3 comments
Barney Rubble

Barney Rubble


We’ve been looking for an appropriate name for our Treasurer (Nigel) for some time now…..

….well the wait is now over!


Barney seems a fitting name as his feet move as fast as Barney Rubbles’, plus he doesn’t mind a bit of a Barney either!


Seen here at the Presidents’ Trophy match last week – Barney stops play to ask a question….

Are we playing full width?

Are we playing full width?

(All Nigels’ tags have been transferred to Barney in the Captains’ most mentioned Tag Cloud)


Sundays blazing performance

After a long and lengthy recovery from a mysterious virus, Nick has shown us all what successful Doddering is all about. Spurred on by his Lucky ‘Leeds RFU no. 7 scrum-half away shirt’  (sadly not a Dodderers one) Nick sped to an all time record of 7 –  yes SEVEN tries in the Sunday league!

Congratulations to Nick on his entry into the Hall of Flame…

Nick at Doddering Bowl 2008

Nick at Doddering Bowl 2008

Nick seen here celebrating after being on last summers winning side in the Doddering Bowl was surprised at his own performance on the pitch. 
In a post match interview, Nick put his success down to a reduction in Lager intake the night before, down from the usual Nine to Seven. So its seven all round for the lucky Nick.
Buy a lottery ticket Nick before its too late – suggest anything with a 7 in it  7, 17, 27, 37,47 and maybe a 9 for the Lagers you would have drunk, or a 2 for the two you didn’t drink.


Tim yet again is really upping his game and at some times during Sundays proceedings found himself being marked by up to three players as his turn of pace and ability to catch the long pass (whilst being in an overlap situation) meant that the opposition had to make sure he was closed down.

Last but not least is the mention of Postman Pats’ scything run past your hapless Captain who at that moment must have been thinking about food or sleep or something else, as he was powerless to do anything about Pats turn of speed.

Roll on next week….

Sub Zero Heroes

January 11, 2009 1 comment

Last Sunday at 7am it was -6.5 degrees C, so your captain was not expecting a big turnout. At the Magpies stadium it was-5.5 degrees C at 8am. Enough ‘sub zero heroes’ turned up for a ‘big game’ of 6 a side.
The ground was frozen but we still managed a good game with no major accidents although the ex-captain was pretty intent on flooring your captain (which he managed whilst claiming it was a self induced trip).

Congratulations to Foz and Postman Pat who were the only Dodderers who managed the full Festive Grand Slam and managed to attend all events over Christmas and the New Year.

Sundays ‘Big game’

This sunday it was fairly cold and the turnout was too low for the normal four team event, so we celebrated with a ‘Big Game’….
The game was fast paced with heavier than usual tackling; and Si was the first to be on the receiving end of a difficult tackle….athough recovered after a few seconds rolling around…

…actually any more seconds and I think he could have applied for the Hairdryer award I’m thinking of creating following the funny advert from Pat and Simo…

Dan “The Ferret” seems to be back to his old ways and is tipped to appear in the nominations for the “Anchor Butter Award”…. Still he has almost a whole year to get back to last summers highs.
Tim needs a special mention for his fantastic try, as does Jordan for his numerous ones.

Lastly, your Captain has to report that he was not feeling too good on the pitch and suspects that the excesses shown by the bathroom scales have taken a toll on performance….

Happy New Year!

Dodderers President named 2008 Sports Personality of the year

Dodderers President receives award

Dodderers President receives award


Dodderers President and Champion ‘Foz’ has been named 2008 Sports Personality of the Year.

The Brit, who founded the Dodderers, beat Lewis Hamilton and Rebecca Adlington to the honour. Foz, fortysomething, becomes the first Dodderer to win the prestigious award. “To win this award this year is so special as British sport has enjoyed such a hugely successful year. It’s been incredible,” said Foz. “I really didn’t expect this… standing here holding it in my hands, looking at the names on this trophy, it’s quite incredible”.

Foz, who received a standing ovation after he came to the stage to collect his award from Sir Steve Redgrave and Michael Johnson. “After the year I’ve had and the whole team has had, to be crowned Sports Personality of the Year, it just means so much.  This is the big one and this is just unbelievable.  “The first person, or the first group of people I have to thank are the public who voted for me because I’m just overwhelmed.

“This is unique. There is nothing like the Sports Personality of the Year awards. This is the big one, it’s as good as it gets.  “You think back to when you started off in the sport and now I am sitting here as Sports Personality of the Year, when I have sat and watched the programme all these years, it’s crazy.

Formula One champion Hamilton, who was runner-up for the second year, always felt it would not be his year to win the prize. “In an Olympic year, I always thought an Olympian would win,” said  Hamilton. “I was up against such amazing athletes and I was very proud to be standing up there with them.”

Adlington, 19, who picked up two swimming golds in Beijing and in doing so became the first Briton to win a Olympic swimming title since 1988, paid tribute to Foz. “It was no surprise that Foz won the award,” said the Mansfield athlete. “I turned round to my boyfriend and said that ‘Foz is unbelievable’. I’m so happy for Foz – it’s brilliant to see him win it.”