Doddering Hall of Flame


       Dedicated to Blazing performances on and off the pitch….


     Nat – 7th June 2009

Nat on Boxing Day

Nat on Boxing Day

Nats’ performance on the pitch has really improved over the past year. His tireless effort and boundless energy are an inspiration and constant reminder to fellow Dodderers of bygone years.

Following Nats’ boundless try scoring this week, we had a discussion on exactly when Nat became better than his Dad.
Following our consultation of the handicapping chart we decided that Nat finally made the grade when he was awarded man of the match at last years Doddering bowl tournament.

     Nick – 27th January 2009

Nick at Doddering Bowl 2008

Nick at Doddering Bowl 2008

After a long and lengthy recovery from a mysterious virus, Nick has shown us all what successful Doddering is all about. Spurred on by his Lucky ‘Leeds RFU no. 7 scrum-half away shirt’  (sadly not a Dodderers one) Nick sped to an all time record of 7 –  yes SEVEN tries in the Sunday league! Nick seen here celebrating after being on last summers winning side in the Doddering Bowl was surprised at his own performance on the pitch. 
In a post match interview, Nick put his success down to a reduction in Lager intake the night before, down from the usual Nine to Seven.

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