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First Four Team League of 2009

January 11, 2009 1 comment

Hurray! – Great to have enough Dodderers this week for the full four team league. Your Captain likes to have some more space on the pitch as he cannot dodge even a slow moving Steam Roller Fridge.
Nick scored a well deserved Hatric with some deft slickness. Foz scored some real blinders (someone on the defence obviously had their eyes closed) and some great steals. Tim (the oldest Dodderer in the village) also deserves mention for his great tries and receiving of long passes.
Your Captain was also able to score a few tries with a couple of great steals and some lucky ‘ball handling’ knock-ons; nice to report back at home that attempts were not in vain.

As ever; Tom, Dick and Dave were full of energy, and scored tries too numerous to mention. The Dodderers management team are thinking of some sort of Handicapping system – probably along similar lines to Horse racing with lead weights….

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