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Rise of the Juniors

Here at the Dodderers we are fortunate to have a number of junior Dodderers who are willing to serve a long and fruitful apprenticeship. In the past few weekends they have arrived (perhaps cajoled by their Doddering dad) and persistently run rings around us.

Last week was no exception and following the arrival of Jordan and Nat, they begun to run rings around us. Both Jordan and Nat were on very good form performing the usual run around and dodges through the line…

Soon it became apparent that Nat was in flaming good form and on numerous occasions managed to out run most of the more experienced players and continually forge routes through the defenses of the opposing team….

Nick certainly couldn’t keep up with Nat and by then end of the morning had taken some time out to take a rest. Nat was going from strength to strength and by the end of the morning had scored well over seven great looking tries.

Rich was on best reverse one armed passing this week managing to make a number of fantastically long passes…only problem they were mostly in the wrong direction and nowhere near an awaiting Dodderer. Even the Foz managed his own homage to the “Rick Flick” also manging to land the ball somewhere behind the defending lines.

As this weekend approaches I am already looking forward to our match on Sunday.

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Dodderers go dragon boat racing

Sunday was not the best weather ever, those of you that managed the usual Sunday morning session were greeted with cold weather and plenty of rain. At some points the rain was falling so hard and fast that your Captain couldn’t see anything and was unable to catch any passes. So no change there then!

There were some glimmers in-between the rain drops and spirited performances from many Dodderers… Try of the Day goes to the President – Captain combination for an excellent fast pass from the Captain to the Foz who was able to beat the opposition on the outside!

On to the Dragon Boat racing…this was our very first attempt at entering a crew for the Gloucester Dragon Boat Regatta.
Immediately following arrival we assembled (with our bandannas) for a team photo under the Dodderers flag. This would be the very last time we would look dry…

Dry Dodderers

Dry Dodderers

But wait … we’re missing some of the team…Oh  No! … Barney and his first mate have bailed out…
….mmm perhaps a rename to Blarney… was it too cold?
Luckily Foz collared Andy who had come to watch, and a passer by (Jen)  for the first race….

Felix also came to the rescue dropping everything to be with us for the remainder of the races….

Felix pleased to be in the crew

Felix pleased to be in the crew

After we won all of our heats we were into one of the semi-finals..

Dodderers mexican wave

Dodderers mexican wave

…we showed our approval with a Mexican wave!

Into the semis your Captain shows Foz he has a curved one…
…and in case he forgets, Andy has prepared his order for Peking Duck by painting it on his paddle!

Captain shows Foz he has a curved one!

Captain shows Foz he has a curved one!

In the end it was close…the final went right to the line…we were beaten by a mere 0.3 seconds by a more experienced  team, but we certainly had the upper hand when it came to team spirit and supporters!

We did win the best dressed team…winning a trophy…but unfortunately your Captain was not up to scratch when it came to receiving the prize…

Foz Simo and Captain receive pricze for best dressed anything wrong?

Foz Simo and Captain receive pricze for best dressed anything wrong?

For a complete account of the Dragon Boat race follow the link to the  Dodderers website

Many thanks to everyone who participated including the Dods supporters who endured the cold and rain to cheer us on!

Special thanks to Hannah who was very cold most of the time on the drum

Special thanks to Hannah our Drummer!

Special thanks to Hannah our Drummer!

Its in my diary for next year already…surely not one to miss…not even if your name is Blarney!

…and finally how to do it really well… follow the link to the National Indonesian Dragon Boat Training video. Watch out for the acceleration training 3/4 way through !!

This Weekends’ Dodderery

Following such an excellent Doddering event last week was always going to be hard – but we did it!

Our President Foz was on excellent form and was showing no signs of letting up. With some excellent turns and moves, he managed to put a few away!
Great shows of skill from Toby,  Fridge, Timmy, and Kiwi, Although Kiwi, was heard ‘challenging himself’ on a number of occasions where a pass was dropped or missed entirely.
Now the weather’s finally looking up we are also getting a good turnout for Dodderers Extra following the 9am exodus. This week your Captain needed a little snooze whilst watching the London Marathon following his exertions in the morning!

Postman Pat had a few grumbles to make about the standard of the pitch marking….it was looking a little like the pitch meister had ‘had more than a few’ before he marked the final line out.

Dodgy pitch marking...

Dodgy pitch marking...

(if you look really carefully at this satellite image of the Magpies you can see where the line originally was!)

Actually whilst we are talking about Pat – the one armed passes are beginning to fail him. Your Captain set Pat a challenge to get into the Hall of Flame by completing 20 long one hand passes – things are not looking to good right now!

The Presidents Trophy

The Presidents Trophy

The Presidents Trophy


As part of the Presidents’ 50th birthday celebrations we created a new competition to be played on the Sunday nearest to Foz’ birthday each year.

The trophy was very kindly donated by Corin Medical who manufacture joint replacement products – hopefully something that Fellow Dodderers will never need.

Following the unveiling of the trophy, we settled down to a four team leauge. Foz’ team was made up of Founder Dodderers, An ex University Rugby, & family fozzies. The other teams were handpicked using the time honoured method of ‘randomly’ handing out tabbards.

Foz' team off to a good start

Foz' team off to a good start


It wasn’t long before Foz turned the event into an exhibition match, given the opportunity to show off his many and varied skills…
Foz demonstrating standing on one leg!

Foz demonstrating standing on one leg!

 Soon it became apparent that Kiwi was rivited to the spot by this demonstration….

Kiwi rivited by Foz skills

Kiwi rivited by Foz skills

 Although Foz was beginning to show signs of his new age… although his University friend wasn’t…

Foz showing signs of age...

Foz showing signs of age...

Towards the end of the league games Foz was showing the signs of ‘Early Onset Dodderery’ seen here making an early dive for the line when it’s nowhere in sight….
Where's the line gone?

Where's the line gone?

In the end it was a close run thing, with The Captains’ team and the Presidents’ team equal in the league. On countback though, The presidents team came out on top! 
The morning ended with Cake and Champagne which Foz helpfully polished off….
Foz helpfully clearing up...

Foz helpfully clearing up...

Foz after winning trophy

Foz after winning trophy

Another Doddering legend!

Special thanks to Corin Medical who kindly donated the Trophy. They are a world leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of a wide range of reconstructive orthopaedic devices.
Founded in 1985, the company is committed to providing effective techniques that help to restore mobility and relieve the pain of osteoarthritis. The company is particularly focused on providing innovative solutions for restoring quality of life for younger, active patients. Products include hip resurfacing, total hip replacement, unicondylar knee replacement, mobile bearing total knee replacement, ankle replacement, shoulder replacement, ligament reconstruction and augmentation, spinal reconstruction, trauma products, and theatre disposables.

Doddering President turns Fifty!

April 21, 2009 1 comment

Fifty Today!


This week saw a New Doddering Milestone… Our long serving President was Fifty!

Not to pass up an opportunity to cheer one of our fellow Dodderers through such an important milestone we decided to celebrate in style…





The celebration day started early with many of the organising committee arriving around 7am to prepare for the expected 8am arrival of Foz. As a surprise we ‘obtained’ a 50 road sign from somewhere to mark the Presidents parking space, and arranged for a banner to be placed on the back of the changing rooms so it would be a surprise….
A real Dodderer at last

A real Dodderer at last

Also as Foz was a Doddering Founding member we arranged for as many of the founding members to come to the special celebration…along with an old University friend from Yorkshire!


The President wearing The Golden Shorts

By 7.55 most Dodderers had arrived, and we were eagerly awaiting the Presidents’ arrival…..but by 8.05 no Foz…..a little worry passed over the faces of the committee as we wondered if Foz would actually arrive as he has been know to miss a week following any sort of excesses the night before… 
Still, as we were all pretty cold by now we settled down to 2 games while we waited.

Finally at 8.10 , the President arrived and was greeted with a rendition of ‘why are we waiting’ and was immediately presented with the Golden Shorts to be worn by any Dodderer who makes the age of Fifty.
(Foz seen here modelling the Golden Shorts, aptly demonstrates why he rarely wears shorts, preferring other forms of attire…)

The new Flag was then raised by Foz and the wonderful Presidents’ Trophy (kindly donated by Corin Medical) was unveiled, which we would go on to play for later.

Following the Presidents’ Trophy matches, it was calculated that the Presidents team actually won the Trophy on points – narrowly beating The Captains’ team. Match report to follow later….



The correct way to drink Champagne














Champagne and cake followed with Foz demonstrating the correct way to drink Champagne…

Actually on the subject of Food and Champagne…isn’t it amazing how many Dodderers we hadn’t seen for ages managed to turn out on the day!


Group photo for the Album










 Group shot with Founder Dodderers, Fellow Dodderers, Foz extended family etc, hangers on…you know who you are …. we need to see you more often on Sunday mornings 😉

 Upon arriving and congratulated on his milestone, Foz, our President said: ” What a great club – I’m proud to be a part of it”

Enough said… We’ll done to everybody for making this such a memorable experience for all of us!


What a great day!


Special thanks to :-

Foz for being 50 and giving us an excuse for a legendary Dodderers event
Corin Medical who donated the Presidents Trophy / Tim for asking them!
Fridge who kindly made  a great banner
Nigel who arranged the cake,  provided by Mrs Bomber
Simo who provided the 50 sign, flag pole, Golden Shorts, tables, and did the honors
Kiwi who provided the Champagne
Catherine who put up with your Captain making the Flag (and a huge mess)

Bombay Bowl Showdown


Every year on the Sunday following the Calcutta Cup (England vs. Scotland) the Dodderers have their very own version created by our President Foz….

 …The Bombay Bowl



It was a lovely Spring morning, warm, sunny with almost no wind. Actually there was too much Sun (depending which way your team was playing) and plenty of Ozone Harming wind generated by fellow Dodderers. Perhaps we should calculate our Carbon Footprint?

We settled down to a big game of England vs. Scotland (the rematch) following |Englands’ trouncing of the poor old Scots in the Calcutta Cup. Eventually as the ever-so-late Dodderers arrived we split up into four teams as some Dodderers felt they were not seeing enough ball to justify their attendance. All your Captain can say is “Team Game”

Do you know that Sun brings out the most lip in some Dodderers? Your Captain thinks that it may be a form of heat exhaustion caused by sun and exercise that inhibits the executive function of the pre-frontal cortex. Result…more lip…

Back to the Bombay Bowl …

General fitness has been impacted in the last few months….many fellow Dodderers (including your Captain) were puffing like Steam Trains and suffering long lapses of attention and general lack of dynamism. Chris has a theory…He’s never been able to separate thought from action…something your Captain managed long ago…so your Captains’ thinking about running , not actually doing it…

One team stood out (Tom, Tim, Timmy, and George) for their seemingly boundless energy and general athleticism, great play, and general all round effort….

The winners of the Bombay Bowl were indeed Tom, Tim, Timmy, and George who were very deserved of the accolade as presented by Our President Foz. Timmy must have thought it was Formula One as he sprayed the champers around….

Due to general fitness concerns from the Club Doctor…the usual suspention of mid-week training is lifted.

See you all next week!

The First Spring Match of the Year


Floodlit by the morning sun and encouraged by the balmy +10 degrees this weeks Doddering turned out to be a relatively disappointing affair. As if we had all emerged from a winters hibernation and had stopped to admire the flowers, most of us appeared half asleep – not the hardened Dodderers that we want to be. Gone was the bite and ambition from last week,  sadly to be replaced with yawns, half closed eyes, poor ball handling, and generally low effort.
Having said that there were some flashes of inspiration. Jordans’ dummy on Simo immediately followed by a dummy on newbie (Toby) to score was a sheer pleasure to watch. Likewise George managed a positively balletic pirouette dummy past Foz  to  score…Pat once again managed a long one handed pass to Toby also to score – so that’s two out of twenty that have made it lately….
A Special welcome to our latest Dodderer, Dave H (aka Toby) who played his first match with us this week.

So for next week your Captain encourages you to stop looking at the flowers*….and Think Rugby!

* no flowers were harmed in the making of this Blog….