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This Weekends’ Dodderery

Following such an excellent Doddering event last week was always going to be hard – but we did it!

Our President Foz was on excellent form and was showing no signs of letting up. With some excellent turns and moves, he managed to put a few away!
Great shows of skill from Toby,  Fridge, Timmy, and Kiwi, Although Kiwi, was heard ‘challenging himself’ on a number of occasions where a pass was dropped or missed entirely.
Now the weather’s finally looking up we are also getting a good turnout for Dodderers Extra following the 9am exodus. This week your Captain needed a little snooze whilst watching the London Marathon following his exertions in the morning!

Postman Pat had a few grumbles to make about the standard of the pitch marking….it was looking a little like the pitch meister had ‘had more than a few’ before he marked the final line out.

Dodgy pitch marking...

Dodgy pitch marking...

(if you look really carefully at this satellite image of the Magpies you can see where the line originally was!)

Actually whilst we are talking about Pat – the one armed passes are beginning to fail him. Your Captain set Pat a challenge to get into the Hall of Flame by completing 20 long one hand passes – things are not looking to good right now!


Gone Fishing…

March 23, 2009 1 comment

Your Captain knows that he can never live up to Tims’  (‘the oldest Dodderer’) performance on the pitch when he is Tims’ age…actually maybe he can’t now…

…so your Captain has decided to take up a more leisurely sport with plenty of time to think, far less adrenaline to fog the already foggy early morning brain; and best of all the prospect of eating the results…unlike this week when Fridge inadvertently made your Captain ‘Eat the ball’ with a perfectly placed pass to the face!

Full of  J.R.Hartley thoughts of a bygone age and the prospect of neatly tying a fly, flicking it around a bit and catching a whopping great big Trout or Salmon, your Captain has entered the age of slippers and a pipe in style….

…it wasn’t all plain sailing though ( if anybody needs an update on Plain Sailing see Treasurer – Nigel) for his first outing your Captain purchased a Super-Duper-Space-Age-Techno-Rod which promised to make a Professional out of even the most laid back amateur.  In his first outing to a local fishery your Captain managed to break his Rod twice! OK so back to maybe 90s’ technology….

After settling down to cast and tangling the line…. yes your Captain caught something …the net, and his jacket, and the trees, and the tall grass, and the bench, and the net again. So now I have 5 less flies and 20ft less leader line. Err..Why is your Captain missing Rugby for this?

…Eventually after a few hours … hurray caught a Trout 3.5lb , and another 3lb…but now running low on flies, seems to be a ratio of 5 flies  to one Trout.

So what’s your Captain trying to say here….?

Fishing’s way more complicated than getting up early on a Sunday, throwing the ball around with fellow Dodderers, and nothing quite matches scoring a try!  – though the Trout … taste way nicer than the Ball!

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Spicy play for post Valentine’s match

February 16, 2009 4 comments

As our President Foz put it – “It’s a bit Spicy today….I like it”
Your Captain doesn’t know if it was post Valentines frustrations or poor England performance vs. Wales; but today’s play was definitely more Spicy, Vociferous, and Argumentative than over the last few weeks. It all started with a short Big Game, but as the late-commers drifted in we quickly decided to make it a four team league….

Foz as ever was keen to make sure the sides were as balanced as possible…and after the usual negotiation (you’ve got all the fast ones…. and we want Tom or Dick) the teams were laid to rest, and we went our ways in our league.

Off to a fast Start…. the league games were fast paced and not without the Hard Touches we have come to expect. early on your Captain managed to dummy Tom which resulted in smiles all round – except Tom who protested he’d had plenty to drink at the Valentines ball the night before…

Kiwi was the star turn of the day – scoring ten tries or so…which is something we have come to expect so twenty would be required for a Hall-of-Flame mention. On a number of occasions Kiwi vented his frustration with the quality of passing or the speed of passing the ~@~& ball out to him.

Postman Pat was on good vocal form – often sparring with George who both seem to spend plenty of time discussing the virtues of the “Referees’ Decision”. At one point Nick managed a minor injury by falling and hitting Pats’ arse….probably enough said about that.

Jordan was making a good impression and managed to wrong foot his Dad (Chris) on a number of occasions. Foz, Dick and Rich were all in characteristically good form. Your Captain even managed a couple of switches with Dick!

After the League which was won by Foz’s team (See Fridges comment below)  Tom, Rod, Kiwi and Fridge….we settled down to a big game, which carried on for some time, and was particularly energetic given the previous hours exertions.
We must have needed it…and with fustrations vented we left at nearly 10am – which could almost be a record for duration on a Sunday morning….

….Once again already looking forward to next week…don’t forget to bring the attitude!

Great play today in difficult conditions

January 18, 2009 3 comments

After consulting with the Met Office yesterday to check on the prevailing weather conditions your Captain was heartened by the “Good Weather Window” we were forecast.
On arrival this morning the pitch was definitely wet and fairly muddy, and indeed we had the good weather that was forecast altough when we left the Magpies the pitch was definitely much muddier…

As we trudged through the mud ready to coax our bodies into life – our  team iinstinctively selected the highest and driest ground for our kick-off in this weeks four team league.

Fridge Door Left Open
Following the kickoff your Captain was immediately blessed with the best ‘dummy’ on Fridge resulting in a try. Seconds later another chance to dodge the open-doored Fridge to score another try. Sadly it was mostly downhill after that as fitness could not keep up…

Great to see Jenks again…but somebody should have stopped him playing alongside Tom, or Tom should have offered him even more drink last night!

Anchor Butter Award
Dan – The Ferret; is still looking a strong contender for the award – and there is a good chance he could wrestle the title from Kiwi (who probably didn’t deserve it last year, but didn’t perform on the night). Towards the end of the game the ball started to resemble a really gritty soap bar and was therefore really tough to catch so allowances will be made.

 Once again Tim who in his return to blistering form managed to scythe through the lines and score a great one man try. Tim is really showing us all what we could be capable of in another ten or twenty  years. I hope we can all live up to it. Keep it up Tim!

Has anyone noticed that Nigels form has increased significantly later? – not only is he leaner , fitter and faster but his increased performance has resulted in less lip too. Nice One Nigel!
Sadly though word has trickled through that there may be one or two ‘illegal’ off pitch training sessions at the local gym so once again we may have to consider the handicapping scheme we have talked about before.

Postman Pat made a perfect long pass today through The Ferrets upturned arms (resembling a goal post), also perfectly received by Foz who was waiting to score a try on the wing. Given that the ball was a bar of soap and the distance was long this probably deserves an award of its own. Shame the camera wasn’t there.

Looking forward to next week already!

First Four Team League of 2009

January 11, 2009 1 comment

Hurray! – Great to have enough Dodderers this week for the full four team league. Your Captain likes to have some more space on the pitch as he cannot dodge even a slow moving Steam Roller Fridge.
Nick scored a well deserved Hatric with some deft slickness. Foz scored some real blinders (someone on the defence obviously had their eyes closed) and some great steals. Tim (the oldest Dodderer in the village) also deserves mention for his great tries and receiving of long passes.
Your Captain was also able to score a few tries with a couple of great steals and some lucky ‘ball handling’ knock-ons; nice to report back at home that attempts were not in vain.

As ever; Tom, Dick and Dave were full of energy, and scored tries too numerous to mention. The Dodderers management team are thinking of some sort of Handicapping system – probably along similar lines to Horse racing with lead weights….

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Sub Zero Heroes

January 11, 2009 1 comment

Last Sunday at 7am it was -6.5 degrees C, so your captain was not expecting a big turnout. At the Magpies stadium it was-5.5 degrees C at 8am. Enough ‘sub zero heroes’ turned up for a ‘big game’ of 6 a side.
The ground was frozen but we still managed a good game with no major accidents although the ex-captain was pretty intent on flooring your captain (which he managed whilst claiming it was a self induced trip).

Congratulations to Foz and Postman Pat who were the only Dodderers who managed the full Festive Grand Slam and managed to attend all events over Christmas and the New Year.

Boxing Day 2008

boxing day 2008

Boxing Day 2008


This year we had a great a turnout for the annual Boxing Day meet. Cheered on by warm mulled wine we celebrated by having a ‘big match’ for the whole hour. Special thanks to Foz, Pat, Mick, Fridge, and Martin for helping out.

A great match ensued with a numberof Dodderers commenting on the effect of mulled wine on match fitness (or maybe it was the Christmas Lunch the day before)!

Unlikely Elf 'Pat' demonstrating side step.

Unlikely Elf - 'Pat' demonstrating the side step.

Rod and Nat - speed and agility

Nat and Rod - speed and agility

 The official “last dodderer standing” was won by Pat and Nick who in a two on one competition against Tim managed to jointly be the last dodderer standing. A truly special performance in the Spirit of Doddering!