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Boxing Day 2008

boxing day 2008

Boxing Day 2008


This year we had a great a turnout for the annual Boxing Day meet. Cheered on by warm mulled wine we celebrated by having a ‘big match’ for the whole hour. Special thanks to Foz, Pat, Mick, Fridge, and Martin for helping out.

A great match ensued with a numberof Dodderers commenting on the effect of mulled wine on match fitness (or maybe it was the Christmas Lunch the day before)!

Unlikely Elf 'Pat' demonstrating side step.

Unlikely Elf - 'Pat' demonstrating the side step.

Rod and Nat - speed and agility

Nat and Rod - speed and agility

 The official “last dodderer standing” was won by Pat and Nick who in a two on one competition against Tim managed to jointly be the last dodderer standing. A truly special performance in the Spirit of Doddering!


Improved Turnout this Sunday

This Sundays Doddering turned out to be more eventful than normal in a number of ways:-
Firstly I am pleased to report that 18 turned up for the early start so we had the usual 4 teams. Two of Five and two of Four.

Early in the procedings it was clear that some of us were not at peak performance levels (myself included) – many probably being weighed down by excess mince pies and possibly a few bevvys.  Fellow Dodderers are assured the planned extra Doddering sessions will completely neutralize any exceses of the season;  so team members are encouraged to take full advantage of the extra Doddering whilst maintaining their match fitness, and maximising their potential consumption off the field.

Early on we had  spirited performances from Nat, Felix, Fridge, Simon, Dick, and Mick  although there was a noticable drop-off in energy levels into the third match.

Worth a mention was the tackle on Felix which resulted in all the Dodderers standing round Felix while he smiled (I mean grimaced) and clutched his shoulder. After we all had a good attempt to laugh off Felix’ injuries and Foz had recounted the Billy Conolly Joke about waking up with pins and needles in your hand…..Felix bravely continued with just the one arm for tackles along with special dispensation to tackle one handed…no change there then.

Actually, Felix  recounted this story to your Captains wife in Tesco it was reported later …. I wasn’t to worried about the tryst as it seemed pretty armless.

We rounded off the morning with some nice run-ins and great tries from Nat and Ben.

Hope to see you all on Boxing day.

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